The Oldest And Totally Different – Octopus

The Oldest And Totally Different – Octopus


Did you know that the octopus is one of the oldest of intelligent beings who inhabit the planet Earth. More precisely, it is considered that this is the first intelligent being which is completely different from all the other inteligent species that live on the Earth.

Research of its genetic structures, it was found the existence of even 2.7 billion genetic codes, where, over a hundred genes are not found in the code of any other being. Octopus has 10,000 genes more than a man, more precisely 33 thousand. It is interesting that from the moment of its creation until the present day there's almost no change in its external appearance and configuration. It can still be found both on land and shallow waters, in almost unimaginable depths of the seas and oceans. Clever, charming, well-intentioned, endowed with eight arms, big brain and the possibility of thinking and finding intelligent solutions. Memory of the octopus is associated with half a billion neurons. If it finds itself in a dangerous situation, its memory is entering a phase in which remembers every detail of the situation - and that's why it never forgets her enemy. Also, if for example, its potential  food is in sealed jars, this for this intelligent species will not be any obstacle, since it will soon find a way to open it and to get its food.

This completely different kind is able to crawl quickly on land, and that is nothing compared to the speed of movement it is achieving  in the water. When its landed in water, it instantly  expands its eight legs / hands to catch the bottom, at the same time changes the color of its skin in the colors of the environment. One might say that this is the one of its amazing new feature. In relation to the octopus, the chameleon is a true amateur. In support of the previously mentioned is the fact that according to her mood, or look of the bottom, the octopus can surprisingly quickly change skin color - almost instantaneously. This is exactly what makes it exceptional, compared with the other animals, the rate of change does provide good protection / camouflage. Also, believe it or not, the octopus has better vision than an eagle, and can see in total darkness. It is assisted by a biological lighting - separate parts of the skin that glow in the dark, at great depth where eternal darkness predominates. What also speaks in favor of its special features is  an excellent power regeneration. If it runs out a tentacle, it will grow again. Its benevolence, among other things, is reflected in the fact that it had never attacked the first; Even more, it is afraid. The attack was initiated with its hand comes only in cases where they feel threatened and, of course, in defense.

Based on these facts of the oldest and completely different intelligent specie, leads us to only one conclusion- that no living creature on the planet is  as well adjusted to survive as an octopus.